About the Candidate

Opening Statement:

Aloha and thank you for helping to create a better nation by being a voter who is educated on who they are voting for and why they are voting for them. The 2-Party System has failed the nation and the 1-Party System we have at home has failed Hawai'i. We see the outcome of a 2-Party System in our everyday lives, a system where no one gets what they want and no true progress or prosperity is felt by the constituents who voted that system into power. We must Limit The Power that our elected government has over its people and we must break the 2-Party System to do that! Hawai'i has a third choice!

This entire website was written directly by the candidate, Aaron Toman. There are no speech writers or publicity teams to ensure that everything said on this website is "picture perfect" or will avoid scrutiny in the public eye. What you read will be the honest, unfiltered opinions directly from the mind of Aaron Toman. You will find that some, and hopefully most of the opinions align with how you view the world and politics; but you will also find some opinions that may catch you off guard or make you think differently about a topic. However you feel about what you read, know that what Aaron Toman writes is how he truly feels and will vote if elected, can you say that with confidence about his competitors?

Personal & Work History:

Aaron Toman is a 30 year old homesteader and entrepreneur running for the District II House of Representatives seat. While not born in Hawai'i, Aaron moved to Honolulu in 2002 and was raised in the Aloha State attending elementary, middle, and high school, graduating from Radford High School in 2011. After attending the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa and graduating from Shidler International School of Business in 2015 with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, Aaron moved to Hilo on the Big Island in 2017 and has continued to enjoy the state he has lived the majority of his life in. 

Aaron's father was an officer in the United States Air Force, originally stationed at Hickam Air Force Base (now Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam) and later stationed at Wheeler Army Airfield in Wahiawa. While a military brat who fully understands the need for and the sacrifices of our military personnel, a military career was not destined for Aaron and he pursued a business career after graduating college. Aaron started his career working for 2 of Hawai'i's "Top 100" companies (by revenue - Hawai'i Business Magazine) but always had a calling towards entrepreneurship. Like many others, during the COVID Pandemic, Aaron was laid off from his employment and had the time to consider what he wanted to do with his life moving forward. Aaron decided that he never wanted to work in an office again and wanted to pursue homesteading and farming. He now has a homestead on the windward side of Big Island that continues to be a "work in progress" and is in the process of starting up a small agricultural business on the south side of Big Island.

Libertarian History:

While being a lifelong Libertarian voter, Aaron has been heavily involved with the Libertarian Party since 2021 after the conclusion of the 2020 elections. He served as Vice Chair of the Big Island Libertarian Party and the Hawaii County At-Large Seat for the State Executive Committee for the Libertarian Party of Hawai'i. His involvement in the party has led him to the decision to run for the District II House of Representatives Seat for Hawai'i. Aaron has always said "If I'm not willing to stand for what I believe in, do I deserve those rights in the first place?" Aaron's personal answer is a resounding "NO" and so he is taking a stand for Freedom, for responsibility in politics, for Hawai'i, and for the United States of America!

Closing Statement:

Now that you have learned about Aaron Toman personally, the next step is knowing his Campaign Platform and Political Stances. If you have already reviewed Aaron's Platform and Stances, the last step Aaron encourages you to take as an educated voter is to learn about Aaron's competitors from all parties. Although Aaron Toman is confident that you'll find him to be the best candidate, it is up to you to do your own research and find who best represents your views and concerns. When you have come to the same conclusion that Aaron Toman is the right candidate to represent you, Aaron highly encourages you to take the next step and Get Involved to see that he is the one to represent District II come November!